Rialand JonesPresident

Rialand Jones President

Rialand Jones leads Attollo Systems with over 15 years of technical experience with the Air Force and government contracting.  Rialand began his career in the Electronic Warfare Division of the United States Air Force.  He became skilled removing, replacing, and repairing faulty system wiring, electrical connectors, antennas, transmission lines, and multi-conductor cables. He prevented extensive test station downtime by troubleshooting, removing, installing, repairing and accomplishing successful inspections on radio frequency receivers, direction finders, video tape recorders, video distribution systems, pulse analyzers, computer subsystems, and automated test systems.  Rialand was responsible for maintaining all supply chain logistics on over $5 million in electronic warfare system parts.

Upon leaving the Air Force became a Defense Red Switch Technician for ITT Industries.  Located in the Pentagon, Rialand was responsible for all system backups, T-1, LBT-1 and DDS Trunk troubleshooting.  He was responsible for ensuring minimal downtime during software and hardware upgrades to the network infrastructure.  He has also worked ensuring the success of the Military Community and Family Planning (MC&FP) 24/ 365, call center.  The call center’s primary responsibility was assisting active duty, retired service member and family member needing move assistance, employment programs, education assistance, and tax assistance.

Rialand is also a certified personal trainer and author of the book “Healthy Mind, Healthy Body, Better Life!: An Untraditional Personal Trainer’s Perspective on Mindset, Health, and Living a Better Life”  which can be found on  Amazon here.  He is the father of two sons.

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